From The Hellmouth - S​/​T - CD EP

4 panel Cd Digipak , Limited release with cover art from No. 37 and booklet art from No.27 by the infamous Zdzislaw Beksinski.

Only 200 copies available!

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Noah Buchanan | Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming 

Alan Cassidy | Drums 

From inside the twisted halls of the Underworld comes From the Hellmouth, the latest and most savage creation to spew from the bowels of Hell. Taking cues from Bloodbath & Hypocrisy with a modern spin, From the Hellmouth blends extremity, powerful production, and touches of melody to fuse a sound that rings your neck relentlessly until it separates your head from the body. Whether you prefer your death metal textured or bare as bones, From the Hellmouth surely will not disappoint as it stakes its claim as a death metal force to be reckoned with.