Effigy - MCMXCII - Darkest Day - CD

Comes in a jewel case w/ 4 panel insert, adorned with incredible artwork courtesy of the infamous Mark Riddick!! 

FOREVER UNDERGROUND SERIES Release #1 - Limited to 300 copies worldwide! 

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"Here we have a little bit of history. Death metal history and with this re-release a chance for fans to hear something that is truly ‘underground’. There’s no point comparing or contrasting this to the modern death metal scene because it doesn’t belong. Simply cast your mind back to the early 90s (if you were alive then) and enjoy this slice of raw and unrefined metal. 

4 tracks, 4 chances to beaten to a blood pulp with raging riffs, drums that will crack skulls and vocals that are sharp enough to cut." 

- Games, Brrraaains, and a Headbanging Life 

In 1992 Craig Netto and Dillard Logsdon (formerly of Sarcoma), first traded musical ideas at a mutual friends home in Kentucky and formed Effigy with some friends. Effigy completed four songs within a few months before getting the offer for their first and only show. Not long after the show two of the members joined Abominant and went on to release a number of albums with the band. While a few of the guys had some underground success in Abominant, Dillard Logsdon didn't pursue a band after Effigy's early demise. 

In mid 2016 the core of the band re-connected and...  more


released July 26, 2019 

Recorded at Velocity Studios 

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Scott Briggs 

Logo by Steve Comeaux 

Artwork by Mark Riddick 

layout by Rai Wolters / RSR 2016

Afterlife co-written by Buck Wiedeman 

Effigy is: 

Dillard Logsdon - Guitar / Vocals 

Craig Netto - Drums 

Mike May - Bass 

Garrett Netto - Guitar