Allagash - The Allagash Encounters - CD compilation (Release 29 - 02 - 2020)

Allagash - The Allagash Encounters - CD (Release 29 - 02 - 2020)

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From the great white north originate stories of alien abduction and alien encounters

eerie screams and haunting melodies from the heralds of this endtime prophecy warn us about these and tell thrilling tales of secrecies and horrors unknown to man. 

Allagash are here to shield us and warn us about that what is coming for us!

From the darkest depths of the universe,  Raw Skull Recordz and Formula For Failure are proud to present

"Allagash - The Allagash Encounters"

COMPILATION CD incl.their 2016 “st” DEBUT AND 2018 EP!

 Allagash - Taken

Release date is set on February 29th of 2020!