Just Before Dawn - An Army at Dawn - CD

Just Before Dawn - An Army at Dawn - CD (pre order)


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"An Army at Dawn" will soon be crushing a way in to your homes! Just Before Dawn is back at full strength! 

With fresh recruited soldiers, who conquered the toughest battles to bring us 45 minutes of pure brutal warfare and incoming hard-hitting bombshells... 

Vocals by 

Ralf Hauber - (Revel in Flesh)

Matias Nastolin - (Decaying)

Jonny Pettersson - (Wombbath / Gods Forsaken / JBD) 

Daimen Terry - (Envig)

Thomas Clifford - (Abscission)

Gustav Myrin - (Gods Forsaken / JBD)

David Nilsson - (Feral)

Andreas Stenlund - (HarmDaud) 

Mattias Parkkila - (Blood Mortized)

"Strong are those that show no fear of unknown enemies..." 

With this newcomer album, Just Before Dawn outdid themselves on songwriting, arrangements, sound and especially the fresh recruits added a whole bunch of legit power!

- Vinyl in 3 different color settings, each limited to 100.

- CD contains 1 bonus track: "The Atlantic Wall"

- T-shirts - cover art (Gildan heavy cotton)

- Limited amount long sleeves (Gildan ultra cotton)

Our friends of into it Records will take responsibility for a limited cassette edition of "An Army at Dawn"

Bandcamp will be offering you the first brandnew song this Friday!!! www.rawskullrecordz.bandcamp.com

Only the strong will survive!