Burial - Frigid Cold - LP (Silver)

Burial - Frigid Cold - LP (Silver)

Limited to 150 copies

Release date is set on August 14th!!!!

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Raw Skull Recordz is siked to show you all the formats that will be available for our next re-release of this Dutch old school death metal treasure!

Burials “Frigid Cold” was originally released during the best death metal era ever. With this piece of Florida influenced death metal they scored a recorddeal with Andy Classen's West Virginia Records and we all know what came out of that collaboration.

With the re-release of this piece of death metal history, we want to offer you all the opportunity to finally own an official copy of one of the best Dutch, death metal demos that has ever been released!!

Well what do we have to offer?

• Cassettes: Limited to 66 red cassettes, including a fresh renewed layout and a remastered sound.

• MCD: Limited to 300 jewel cases, will include a layout matching to the original demo design.

• Vinyl: Limited to 300 LPS.

• 150 Silver 

• 150 Red / Black swirl

Also includes a layout that matches with the original demo design + of course the liner notes and more.

These 4 killer tracks will bring you all straight back to the early days of our favorite genre! Old School Death Metal!!

Pre orders for Frigid Cold starts on July 1st!

Thank you for your attention, stay healthy and awesome!


Release date is set on August 14th!!!!