Incinerator - Concept of Cruelty - CD

Brand new album by these Dutch death thrashers.

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Incinerator - Concept of Cruelty - RSR 022


01.   Waiting to Rot.

02.   Morbid Lust.

03.   My Darkest Needs.

04.   Dead.

05.   Quarteredismembered.

06.   The Concept of Cruelty.

07.   Pigs.

08.   Covered in Red.

09.   Tjustere Tinzen...Spjalte Read Fleis.

10.   A Grotesque Way to Die.

11.   Burn in Agony.


Jackhammer: Skins/Chainsaw/Bass/Lead.

Necromancer: Chainsaw/Bass/Lead.

Bonesaw: Growls.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered 2018 by

Incinerator and Jonny Pettersson At Studio Unbound

Coverart by Raul Fuentes (Mortuus).

Cover concept/ Layout by Rai Wolters - RSR 2016 / Incinerator.

Dutch old school death doom at its finest.

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