Infestation - The Antecedent - CD

Infestation - The Antecedent - CD 

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Infestation - The Antecedent - CD 

So excited to reveal the next re-issue of our FOREVER UNDERGROUND SERIES in conspiracy with Raw Skull Recordz (EU) - Boston Death Metal legends, INFESTATION’s, complete discography/compilation on CD!

"The Antecedent" CD compilation includes both early 90's demos "Visions of Repulsion" and "Conceived". The collection includes..

- Pictures, old flyers and lyrics of all songs.

- Liner notes by Lord Worm.

- Brand new cover artwork and layout for this compilation.

- RSR2016 is responsible for re-mastering of all the audio, which will send you straight back into the best death metal era ever.

More great news for all you tape-fanatics!

The cassette version of "The Antecedent" will be handled by our friends of Into It Records (EU). We will be re-releasing BOTH demos separately as stand-alone versions, with a classic visual representation, finished off with massive neck-breaking wall of sound.

And some great words by the man himself:

“This project of re-releasing the two landmark Infestation demos, Visions of Repulsion and Conceived has been a culmination of many years.

Finding like minded individuals to bring in on making this dream come to fruition was absolutely paramount.

Both Redefining Darkness Records and Raw Skull Recordz stepped to the forefront with absolute know-how and a great understanding and love for old school death metal and the impact this style has had on true metalheads around the globe.

We were proud of these songs almost 30 years ago and still have a deep love for what these tunes represent at this moment.

A tremendous amount of hard work, care and dedication to preserve a style not lost or forgotten, we forever hold true to OSDM.”

Mike DiSalvo.


releases June 30, 2021


Mike DiSalvo - Vocals & Lyrics

Matthew R. Raymond - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Mike Hubbard - Drums, Backing Vocals

Eric Berube - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals

Additional musicians on 'Visions of Repulsion'

Roddy Lowell - Vocals

Jason Burnet - Vocals

Additional musicians on 'Conceived'

Iris McFadgen - Vocals

Bruce MacFarlane - Cello

Visions of Repulsion & Conceived were recorded and mixed at West Sound Studio, Londonderry, NH, in 1992 & 1994 respectively.

Remastered by Rai Wolters, March 2021.

Engineered and produced by Mike West, Jim West, and Infestation.

Photography by Kim Mansfield.

Visions of Repulsion cover art and logo designs by Eric Berube.

Cover artwork and layout by Filip Ivanovic