Infected Virulence - Music of Melkor / Infected Virulence - Comp. CD

Infected Virulence - Music of Melkor / Infected Virulence - Comp. CD (Pre order)

Music of Melkor / Infected Virulence

01. The Music of Melkor

02. The Darkening

03. Doom of the Atani

04. Nirnaeth Arnoediad

05. The Fall of Gondolin

06. Eärendil

07. The North Aflame

08. Tol Eressëa

*09. Blood Tides

*10. Recently Deceased

*11. Senseless Existence

*12. Deceitful Confidence

*13. From Beyond the Dead

*14. Infected Virulence

* Bonus tracks taken from their 1992 demo "Infected Virulence"

Release is set for June 2022!!!

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We are more than siked to bring you Infected Virulence album "Music of Melkor" with their already infamous 1992 Demo "Infected Virulence" as bonus tracks.

This compilation comes with a complete new layout made from the original artwork, lyrics from all songs, band pictures, and last but certainly not least, all music has been digitally remastered, to give this piece of German death metal history the best production it deserved.

- Music of Melkor Recorded and mixed at the Phonoart-Studio in August 1994

- Produced by: Tom Berzl, Tom Tom, Infected Virulence

- Bandphoto by: Kerstin Prüglmeier

- Frontcover by: Rodney Matthews

- Logo retouche by: Wim de Vties

- Digitally remastered by: RSR 2016

- Infected Virulence Recorded at Metropol Studio, Weiden, May 1992

- Produced and mixed by: Günter Hagn & Infected Virulence

- Digitally Remastered by: RSR 2016