Graceless - Chants from Purgatory

Graceless - Chants from Purgatory (2nd Press pre order)

After the release of Graceless 3rd album "Chants from Purgatory". The vinyl editions sold out in a wink of an eye and many customers were not able to grab their copy. 
Therefore we offer you a second chance with a new run with some magnificent color settings for one of the best death doom releases of 2022.

3 new color settings will be available:

- 100 Electric Blue / Oxblood Red Cornetto

- 200 Custard / Black - A side/ B side

- 200 Crystal Clear / Heavy Gold - Heavy Cyan Blue Splatter

These will all be available on January 30th 2023

€ 26,00
Inclusief belasting Verzendkosten exclusief

Graceless - Chants from Purgatory (2nd Press pre order)

These brand new colors will be available January 30th 2023!!!