Gravestone - Sickening - TAPE

Gravestone - Sickening MC 

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Gravestone is back with their debut album “SIckening”!!
While the "Rotten Kill" mcd was some sick solid swedeath, this album is even tighter and more crushingly heavy!!! 
Its killer leads and mid-tempo crushing is old school to the bone.

-Drums were recorded at the Bloodshed Studios by Jimmy Lundqvist Entrails).
-Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Tombthrasher Studios by Penki Samuelsson (Entrails. Gravestone).
-Mixed and mastered by Penki Samuelsson
-Album art by Patrik Tegnander, Chainsaw Design (Gravebomb).

Sickening will be out on Raw Skull Recordz end of January early February 2018.

Feel free to share the shit out of it!!!