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RSR Flexfit Classick Snapback Cap (Pre-order)

Flexfit bronze, embroided/stitched classick snapback cap.

Limited to 50 pieces!!!

€ 20,00
Inclusief belasting Verzendkosten exclusief

So, after the poll has been closed down. You, the people decided it must be a bronze, embroided/stitched classick snapback flexfit cap. 

67% of You made it quite clear, so now we have to poduce a pile of these caps. 

IMPORTANT!!!! We will be opening pre-orders on this item anytime soon, But we close it down when we have reached 50 pieces!!! 

So, decide as fast as you did with the poll, or cry later and NO, we are not holding back any of these!.

Thanks so far, and make it happen! get yourself some sunscreen!!!